Cammas Hall Farm is best known for its top quality soft fruit, at Farmers Markets and local shops and restaurants. However, the farm (of some 750 acres in total) also has a huge wild Fallow Deer population which has been growing at an alarming rate. The deer are causing a lot of damage to the fruit and arable crops as well as the irrigation system. It has been our wish for some time to supply top quality, locally grown food all year round. Our Fallow Deer problem seems to have turned into a blessing, as we have found since we started selling the meat at Farmers Markets between the months of October and April.

Venison has 207 Cals, 6.4g Fat and 33.5g Protein per 100 gramsVenison from Fallow Deer is one of the most delicious meats in the world when correctly prepared and cooked. Tough, over gamey or tasteless venison is all too common, I am afraid. Very few people know how to deal with this beautiful meat. The venison we sell is only taken from young deer in season, shot and butchered professionally. Before being taken to a local butcher for preparation the beast is hung in a cold store at 3 to 4 degrees centrigrade for a week to ten days. The best cuts of meat are selected, boned and rolled, before vacuum packing.

All of our venison is fresh so it can either be eaten by the use by date or frozen. Venison freezes very well but should really be eaten within 6 months.

Venison is a lean meat, high in protein, low in cholesterol and is a wonderful low fat alternative to traditional red meats. Nutritional Information is provided.

To order, please telephone (01279) 718 570.